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Lovable Mini Golden Retrievers!

Adorable Golden Retriever personality in a compact size
Miniature Golden Retriever Puppies expected Summer

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Miniature Golden Retriever looking cute
The parents come from several years of careful breeding to capture the look and personality of a Golden Retriever.  They weigh about 30 pounds and are the perfect size for a great family dog.

Miniature Golden Retrievers  have a happy-go-lucky and affectionate personality that makes them easy to love and good with children.

Although they are a mix of breeds, they look and act almost like a golden retriever, but only come up to about your knees.
Mini Golden Puppy with Mom

The Parents

Minnie is sweet, affectionate, and absolutely adorable.  She loves to cuddle.  Children are drawn to her and she loves the attention.  She wishes she could talk and tries very hard to communicate with us.  she is even tempered and eager to please.

Her body is stockier with shorter legs.  She weighs about thirty pounds and is fouteen inches tall at the shoulders.
Violet is cheerful, friendly, and endearing.  She is a bit of a clown and loves to exaggerate.  Huggable, playful, and sometimes a bit shy, she will steal your heart and maybe your socks.  She is amazingly smart and trainable, and always wears the Golden Retriever smile on her face.

She has a thinner body and longer legs.  She weighs about thirty pounds and is sixteen inches tall at the shoulders.

Mickey just loves being around people.  He will follow you from room to room and sit under your feet as you work on your computer.  He loves to run and play when he's outside, but is a quiet and calm perfect gentleman as soon as he comes inside.

His coat is a bit curly.  He weighs about 30 pounds and he's 17 inches tall.


Our puppies are raised using SuperDog techniques. 
For more information, check out this article
Early Neurological Stimulation

We begin socializing our Mini Golden puppies from their first day of life.  They live in our house, smell us cooking dinner, hear us talking, and get lots of loving attention.  They meet many different people and see lots of new places.  This makes them very friendly with kids and adults before they leave our home.

These techniques have been scientifically proven to increase brain activity.  In addition, gentle handling imprints puppies with a love for people.  Our puppies are fast learners and are eager to please.  These exercises must be performed during specific stages of a puppy's life by a dedicated breeder and would be extremely difficult to do at a large kennel.  That is one reason why we only have a litter or two each year - so that we can enjoy and celebrate our time with the puppies and get to know each one as an individual.

Yin and Yang

Puppy Information

Before you consider adding a puppy to your home, be sure that you are ready for the commitment.  Puppies need your time, cost money, and may damage your things.  They need to be house trained and exercised.  You must be willing to give your Tiny Golden a forever home, which may be fifteen years or more.   Our puppies will only be placed in approved homes.
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We suggest that you have a veterinarian of your choice examine your Miniature Golden Retriever puppy within one week after you take him or her home.  If the veterinarian discovers any major health problems during that examination, you may return your puppy for a full cash refund within seven days of the examination.  We also guarantee against hereditary hip, heart, eye, and elbow conditions for three years.  We will replace your puppy from our next litter upon written verification of hereditary disease from your veterinarian.  If you would prefer to keep your puppy, please contact us for other options.
                                  Rebate Offer

Buying a puppy is a long-term commitment.  We strongly believe in formal training for your puppy.  Both you and your new family member will be happier if you establish rules.  It also helps you to bond with each other.  As an incentive, we offer up to $150 in rebates for training your Tiny Golden Retriever.  You will receive a $50 rebate upon completion of any puppy kindergarten class.  You can earn two additional $50 rebates upon completion of Obedience, Rally, or Agility classes of six weeks or longer.

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